The library is open from Monday to Friday during office hours

The library of Fondazione Volume! houses numerous texts, photographs, and videos that document the history of the Foundation. Due to the extent and depth of the archive-library, Volume! will become part of the Register of Cultural Institutes of the Lazio Region in 2014. The Foundation has built its bibliographic heritage during the past fifteen years and is constantly updating it through a digitized filing system. The purpose of the archive-library is to collect documentary materials on artists, exhibitions, cultural activities, and educational and editorial endeavors hosted and promoted by the Foundation, thus documenting the story of Volume! itself. The project aims to provide the public with a complete bibliography of the oeuvres of artists who have collaborated with Volume!. Furthemore, the archive-library will be available on the Foundation’s website, providing students with a didactic tool that will facilitate the understanding of its heritage and history.

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